Why make a larger paddle?

Most paddle designs today are either smaller blades or ultra traditional oar-like designs. The smaller blade size is popular with the marathon canoe racing crowd that use a very high stroke rate, 70-80 per minute or more. Not much fun for cruising and ultimately more effort and not as much fun for pleasure padding. The recent fall back to very early historic paddle designs may be the reaction to the proliferation of racing paddle designs. Which brings us to our wonderfully refreshing designs
We love how you can make your canoe dance with our larger paddles. We think paddles with more surface area are great. The feel of grabbing that bigger chunk of water is pure bliss, and a wood paddle that has some spring in its shaft and blade truly beats the touch of a cold and overly stiff composite every time. Over the years we’ve watched paddles getting smaller and prices going up. We wonder if it won’t be long until canoe paddles are all spatula-sized. It may seem easier to paddle with a small paddle, but where’s the thrill? One stroke with our paddles, and you’ll say, “Oh my!”

How common is the wood you use to make your paddles?
Although the woods we use to craft your one piece paddle literally “grows on trees,” it takes a rare and select wood and we’re awfully picky. Just one trip to any lumber yard will prove the point. Perfect wood without twist, warped or not is difficult to find . An entire tree may not produce even one board of the quality we’ll accept. We think at the low end there’s firewood, then lumber grade, then furniture grade, and lastly our paddle grade.

What online payment methods will go through?
Otter’s is currently set up for, all the major cards including, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Apple Pay, Woo Pay, Am Ex, & Pay Pal. Your statement will display from rvandmarine.com.

About how long before I receive my order?
Otter’s Paddles will ship in stock items on the same or the next business day,  Out of stock paddle hangers may take 1-3 weeks and out of stock paddles may take up to 3-5 weeks based on availability of our specialty woods.