Beautiful wooden canoe paddles will always be in style. BJ’s is pleased to add Otter’s solid wood heirloom quality line of USA made canoe paddles and paddle hangers to our catalog. These gorgeous wood paddles are strong, and flexible, perfect for all your explorations.

100% USA made and sourced locally

The Paddles
Otter paddles have stepped back in time 50 years when many canoe paddles had significantly more surface area. These are not the modern serving spoon and pancake turner paddles that manufacturers charge top dollar for. Otter paddles will pay for themselves the first time you need to turn right now, dodging that rock or tree stump at the last second.

Choose from two styles to position yourself for every water condition:

Ottertail An updated and traditional flat-water paddle, ideal for all of your lake and deep river cruises.

Otter Paddles OtterTail Cherry Wood 1 piece Canoe Paddle

Otterpaw a wider paddle that’s perfect for those downriver explorations and whitewater maneuvering.

Otter Paddles OtterPaw Cherry Wood 1 piece Canoe Paddle

Otter Paddle Hangers We use the same wood as the paddles for our Canoe Paddle Hangers

Cherry Natural BJs Best Paddle Holder

5 Position Canoe Paddle Holder Maple Solid Wood

Mini Otter Paddles We love these 8-3/4″ long cute doll sized, made to scale paddles for your Lake house or Cottage house décor.

Tiny Ottertail Canoe Paddle for Cottage or Lakehouse Decor

Heirloom Quality Woods
Significant time has been invested into the development of Otters paddles. Our one piece carefully selected solid wood paddles will flex as you paddle, saving your muscles allowing you to paddle effortlessly for a longer cruise.

The Woods
Your Otter wood paddles may last decades with only minimal maintenance and proper storage.

Cherry Wood
Cherry is often a first choice for canoeists because of its longevity, flexibility and beautiful reddish color.

Maple Wood
Maple paddles usually a gorgeous platinum blonde, are super strong and slightly less flexible, which transfers into more powerful paddle strokes.

Basswood, one of the softest of the American hardwoods, will make one of the lightest and flexible paddles. Careful storage and maintenance of the finish will give your Basswood paddles many years of enjoyment.

Ash makes into one of the most durable canoe paddles and is a favorite among serious paddlers. With proper care you can expect your Ash paddle to last decades. Contact us for Ash availability.

Paddle Length
Some say, that to determine the correct paddle length, you should measure from the floor to the tip of your nose when you’re standing, or others recommend measuring to the inside of your arm pit. Some provide charts of torso lengths and that should reveal the correct paddle size. Others say you should have a friend measure the distance between the inside of your elbows when your arms are stretched wide apart, and then add the height of the canoe seat above the water. We’re pretty sure there’s someone out there that insists you should stand on your head and measure to your knees. BJ’s doesn’t recommend that, especially in the water. One thing everyone agrees on is that their method is the correct one.
The honest truth is that the correct size for you is a personal preference, discovered by paddling your canoe with different paddles.

BJ’s says in general you’ll probably use a longer Ottertail, than an Otterpaw… until you’re sitting in a different canoe. Yes the height of the seat above the water matters but chances are if you’re here you already know what size paddle you’re after.

For more frequently asked Otter questions please visit our FAQ page